Wax Removal In Faversham

If you need wax removal in Faversham, then look no further. We offer both microsuction and irrigation ear cleaning using top of the range equipment at affordable prices.

Cost of Ear Wax Removal

The cost of ear wax removal is £55. It is the same price for one or both ears. We offer both microsuction and irrigation.

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Microsuction is the use of a vacuum under the direct vision of a microscope to remove ear wax.

Microsuction is usually not a painful procedure. The area inside the ear canal is very sensitive and so the procedure is very delicate.


Irrigation uses a gentle stream of warm water to flush the ear wax out.

For irrigation, getting the right temperature is important to minimise side effects. Our state of the art equipment automatically regulates the temperature. We also have an accurate manual control over the water pressure. This makes the procedure much more controlled compared to using the equipment often found in GP surgeries and most private practices.

Kent Wax Removal specialise in professional wax removal, using the very latest microsuction & irrigation equipment.

Do I Need Ear Wax Removal?

If you have experienced any of the following:

reduction in hearing, a fullness in the ear, ringing noises / tinnitus, then it is likely that you have a build up of excess ear wax.  This can also cause earache, and dizziness.

Will Olive Oil Remove Ear Wax?

Olive oil will not remove wax from your ear, it will soften the wax making it easier to remove. We recommend applying olive oil or sodium bicarbonate ear drops for 3-5 days prior to your appointment.

What You Need To Know

We allow a maximum of 45 minutes for the appointment. We will use otoscopy to confirm that the ears are blocked with wax.

If we find impacted ear wax that is difficult to remove and requires an additional appointment, you will be charged £30 for the follow up.

For our West Faversham Community Centre clinic we have a dedicated car park with plenty of spaces. For our Willement Road clinic there is free on-street parking just outside.

At Kent Wax Removal we offer a 45 minute wax removal appointment for £55 for one or both ears.