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Irrigation / Ear Syringing

Safe, gentle, and effective

What is Irrigation?

Irrigation is the modern equivalent of ear syringing. Ear syringing used to be performed using a large manually driven syringe filled with water. Ear syringing is now a banned practice in the UK because the risk of harm was high. Irrigation is a much safer alternative because the water pressure is controlled by the machine and massively reduces the risk of trauma.

Even now, many cheaper irrigation machines require the clinician to manually fill the tank with warm water. There is a significant risk of error when doing this which can result in experiencing unnecessary dizziness and discomfort. Our machine automatically regulates the water to a perfect 37 degrees centigrade which is the ideal temperature to minimise the risk of vertigo occuring.

Who needs Irrigation?

Irrigation is required when the ear has occluding or troublesome wax, debris or excessive skin. Ear irrigation requires the application of pharmaceutical olive oil for at least 3-5 days prior to the procedure being performed. This softens and lubricates the wax to allow for easier extraction. Your medical history may mean ear irrigation is not suitable for you. If this is the case we will recommend that we instead proceed with microsuction, which is a dry procedure and can be performed on almost everyone.

How much does ear irrigation cost?

 Ear irrigation with Kent Wax Removal costs £55. It is the same price for one or both ears. We schedule you in for a 45 minute appointment which allows time for you to relax and get to know your clinician. We take a medical history relating to your ears and we do a full ear examination. After this point we will sit you back on the couch and guide you through the process. People often feel a huge sense of relief after the procedure and side effects are rare but you will be fully informed of all the risks prior to treatment by your clinician. 

How do I book in for irrigation?

 To book in for irrigation you can use either our Online Booking System or go to our ‘Contact Us‘ Page. It couldn’t be simpler. We can offer appointments in one of our clinics or we can visit you in the comfort of your home (home visit fee applies).

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