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Grand Opening

Kent Wax Removal Grand Opening

Kent Wax Removal Grand Opening

Kent Wax Removal – Grand Opening

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On the 14th January 2020 Kent Wax Removal will be launching out of West Faversham Community Centre.

We offer a range of professional ear wax removal treatments.

Ear Microsuction

Microsuction is often seen as the safest and gentlest method to remove wax from the ear canal. It involves placing a suction tube into the ear canal to gently suck the wax out.

There is no water involved, is a completely dry procedure and can be done on ears that are not suitable for irrigation/syringing at the GP.

Irrigation / Ear Syringing

Many GP’s no longer offer ear irrigation. We recognise that this is still an essential service for maintaining good ear health.

Irrigation uses a gentle, controlled stream of warm water to flush out troublesome ear wax.

Manual Instruments

We are able to use manual instruments to assist with the removal of ear wax and are particularly useful for the removal of a foreign object from the ear canal.


Our usual price for a 30 minute wax removal appointment is £50. This is a fixed fee for one or both ears. If no ear wax is present by your clinician you will instead be charge £25 for the consultation.

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To make your appointment you can use our online booking tool. Alternatively, you can call us on 07498852708 or email


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