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Lenham, Kent

Based inside the Chris Tempest Osteopathy clinic, we offer our clients microsuction, and irrigation earwax removal. There is ample on-street parking just outside the store.

If you struggle with using the steps on the front door, we have a side entrance up a gently sloping driveway which allows easy access for wheelchair users.


Our Lenham earwax clinic is on the ground floor of the Chris Tempest Osteopathy clinic, situated on Lenham high street just around the corner from Lenham Fire Station.

There is ample on-street parking just across the road outside ‘Phase Hair & Beauty’.

Useful Information


When you arrive please come through the main doors and take a seat in the waiting area. The main entrance is up 3 steps. The door will be open, it is stiff so give it a good twist and push. The clinician will come and collect you from the waiting area. If you are unable to manage steps then there is a side entrance up a gentle slope to the right of the building. Please do let us know of any access issues so we can ensure to have this door open.

Home Visit

Please do enquire and we will do our best to assist you. If we are unable to provide this service for you, we do work closely with other providers in the area that may be able to assist.

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