Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Dry, Safe, Effective ear wax removal


What is microsuction?

Microsuction is often recognised as the safest method to remove troublesome ear wax. Our clinician looks at your ear using powerful magnification. This makes it easier to assess and treat.

A specialist medical suction unit is used to safely extract the ear wax without the use of water. It is generally quick and painless but can be noisy at times.

It is recommended that you use olive oil at least 3 days prior to treatment. However, if you are experiencing discomfort same day appointments can be provided and the ear wax can still be removed effectively. The oil helps to soften the wax which can help with the procedure but is not compulsary for a successful outcome.

Who needs microsuction?

Microsuction is required when the ear has occluding or troublesome wax, debris or excessive skin. It can generally be performed on anyone because it is a completely dry procedure. Many of the risk factors which would prevent you from having your ears irrigated (syringed) by the GP do not apply to microsuction. This means that microsuction has a very high success rate.

How much does microsuction cost?

Microsuction with Kent Wax Removal costs £55. It is the same price for one or both ears. We schedule you in for a 45 minute appointment which allows time for you to relax and get to know your clinician. We take a medical history relating to your ears and we do a full ear examination. After this point we will lay you down on the couch and guide you through the process. People often feel a huge sense of relief after the procedure and side effects are rare but you will be fully informed of all the risks prior to treatment by your clinician.

How do I book in for microsuction?

To book in for microsuction you can use either our Online Booking System or go to our ‘Contact Us‘ Page. It couldn’t be simpler. We can offer appointments in our Faversham based clinic or we can visit you in the comfort of your home (home visit fee applies).


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