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Amy Chell Kent Wax Removal

Amy Chell

Owner & Lead Clinician

Hello my name is Amy, I am born and bred in Kent and I run Kent Wax Removal. Kent Wax Removal has been operating since the beginning of 2020.

After completing my Nursing Diploma in 2011, I began working as a community Nurse for the NHS. During my nursing years there were several opportunities to gain experience with ear irrigation. I then went on to work for a private hearing clinic.

During my role with the hearing clinic, I completed a course in ear care at London City University. This involved learning and understanding the anatomy of the ear, appropriate aural health and ear wax removal using irrigation. My mentor and trainer was a very experienced audiologist. He taught me in depth knowledge of otoscopy, whilst training me in both microsuction and irrigation as ear wax removal techniques. After months of observation and supervision I was able to work independently. I ran several clinics a week.

In January 2020 I decided to take the next step, and Kent Wax Removal (the ear wax removal specialists) was born. What started as a day a week clinic from one location, is now two and a half days in two locations.

I believe in a holistic approach to client care and will continue to deliver an exceptional service using the latest equipment and technology. If your Doctors surgery will not provide ear wax removal, I can guarantee you will be in safe, capable hands with us.

Our tag line is, ‘providing a new sense of clarity’. I chose this as those who have had blocked ears will understand how debilitating it is not being able to hear properly. Being able to give people this relief is so gratifying and allows me a great deal of pride in my work. Most importantly, I get such joy from what I do, which reflects in the quality service you receive.

The future of Kent Wax Removal is exciting and I thank you for your continued support. And for those who may be in need; I look forward to hearing from you.