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New Clinic

new ear cleaning clinic

New Kent Wax Removal Clinic Opening Soon

new ear cleaning clinic

Our new professional ear cleaning clinic is opening on the 5th of November at 21 Willement Road, Faversham, ME13 7SZ.

This clinic will be open every Thursday from 09:30-15:30.

Our ear cleaning clinic in the West Faversham Community Centre continues to remains open from 09:30-17:00 every Tuesday and 09:00-13:30 every Wednesday. The new clinic is an exciting venture for Kent Wax Removal and means that we will be able to give more booking options and will increase appointment availability significantly.

Calming, Confidential & Convenient

The treatment room at Willement Road is in a specially constructed clinic at the back of the house. The space has been made into an ideal sanctuary for all therapies. It is spacious and airy with a calming vibe. This is a private area and at the time of appointment it will only be yourself and the clinician in the building. There is free parking for both clinics directly outside the entrance. For Willement Road the entrance is via the back gate and this is signposted.

Microsuction and Irrigation offered

We offer both microsuction and irrigation ear cleaning as treatment options. At the time of appointment we will discuss these treatments and decide which will be the quickest, safest and most effective. We continue to maintain the best practice and our clinicians are regularly updating and developing their skills.

Covid-19: Your safety is our concern

At present we are continuing to practice safely and following all COVID-19 guidelines. When booking your appointment you will receive full details on our Covid-19 policy.

Ear syringing in the news

If you are someone who regularly attends your GP practice for this treatment, please be aware that you may not be able to in the future.

Why ear wax syringing is no longer free – minister (BBC, Sep 2020)

The BBC news article highlights the difficulty people are having accessing ear syringing (ear irrigation) through their GP. We are also seeing this locally as we have had a significant increase in the number of enquiries.

We understanding going privately may be frustrating for some but once the treatment is complete, the majority of clients have stated they would never go elsewhere.

Quick, Safe, & Effective treatment

Our clients are amazed at how quick, simple and effective the ear cleaning treatment is and that- put into perspective- our prices are very reasonable.

We pride ourselves on the best quality of treatment and keeping prices fair.

Book Online

You are still able to book appointments online or please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email for booking queries.

Thank you for all your continued support.

We look forward to hearing from you. 👂

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